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Properties in Russia for sale

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We welcome you to explore endless opportunities in our exceptional collection of properties for sale in Russia!

Russia, located in Eastern Europe and extending into Asia, has been a favored destination for history enthusiasts and adventure seekers for many years. The majestic landscapes, cultural cities, and welcoming locals are enticing more and more tourists from around the world. This immensely diverse country is an ideal choice for your holiday home. Whether you're a fan of bustling metropolises like Moscow or Saint Petersburg, quaint cottages in the unspoiled countryside, or high-end waterfront residences in the beautiful Crimea, real estate in Russia offers a wide variety of exceptional holiday homes.

If you’re eager to buy a property in Russia, you probably have many questions about market trends, popular locations, and the process overall. You can rely on us for assistance!

Where to buy property in Russia?

Let’s discover where to shop for the best real estate in Russia


Moscow and Moscow Region

As the capital of Russia, Moscow is the biggest real estate market in the country. The city offers a mix of both historical and modern properties. Moscow is full of skyscrapers, prestigious property for sale, as well as beautiful old mansions. Moreover, Moscow region is famous for its countryside houses, known as dachas, offering a great getaway from city life in the summer.

Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region

The cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, is known for its 18th-century buildings and riverside properties. The city also boasts of a lively nightlife and a plethora of museums, making it an attractive place to buy properties. In the surrounding Leningrad region, you can find picturesque countryside homes and beautiful cottages.

The Black Sea Coast: Sochi and Anapa

The Black Sea coast is another popular area for buying properties, especially in the cities like Sochi and Anapa. Known for their warm climate and beautiful sandy beaches, these cities have become a popular destination for all seasons. And yes, you can even ski in Sochi! These cities offer a range of properties from luxury seaside villas to compact city apartments.

The Ural Region: Yekaterinburg

The Ural region, and especially the city of Yekaterinburg, offers a different living experience with a mix of urban and rural life. The region is recognized for its stunning nature, beautiful landscapes, and an excellent balance between work and leisure, making it an attractive place to buy properties.

The Far East: Vladivostok

Vladivostok, a city in the far eastern part of Russia, offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a unique blend of Russian and Asian cultures with a strong maritime tradition. The city offers a variety of properties from modern high-end apartments to affordable houses.


The average price of a property in Russia: Trends overview 

Here is a list of average property prices per square metre in different regions of Russia according to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities. Moscow: ₽200,000 - ₽350,000 per sq m Saint Petersburg: ₽150,000 - ₽250,000 per sq m Kaliningrad: ₽70,000 - ₽120,000 per sq m Krasnodar: ₽60,000 - ₽110,000 per sq m Rostov-on-Don: ₽60,000 - ₽100,000 per sq m Nizhny Novgorod: ₽50,000 - ₽85,000 per sq m Republic of Tatarstan: ₽45,000 - ₽80,000 per sq m Yekaterinburg: ₽70,000 - ₽120,000 per sq m Novosibirsk: ₽65,000 - ₽110,000 per sq m Vladivostok: ₽80,000 - ₽140,000 per sq m Please note, the prices are indicated in Rubles and may vary within the regions based on the location and property type.

No matter what your needs are, you may find anything that suits you as we offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and sophistication, promising a lifestyle beyond compare. So, discover your dream home and start the journey of homeownership that exceeds every expectation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is buying property in Russia a good investment?

Buying property in Russia can be a beneficial venture for diverse reasons. Firstly, Russia has a complex but consistently improving legal system that safeguards property rights for both locals and foreign investors. Secondly, institutional investors in real estate can secure a steady income from the rental business due to Russia's burgeoning tourism industry and steady population growth. Thirdly, Russia boasts a significantly lower cost of living compared to many western countries, making it an economical destination and a promising investment opportunity. Lastly, the Russian government's tax incentives for property owners are generally quite appealing to foreign investors, enhancing the attraction of the real estate market here.

Which places in Russia have the most properties for sale?

Siberia and Moscow offer a broad array of dwellings and the most extensive number in the country. If you fancy a more central location, then opt for St. Petersburg. The capital market is flourishing with Russia property for sale.

Can a foreigner buy property in Russia?

Yes, a foreigner can buy property in Russia. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Russia, apart from agricultural land. However, the process may involve a lot of paperwork and can be complicated.

Where are the cheapest areas to buy properties in Russia?

If you're looking for real estate in Russia at surprisingly affordable prices, consider regions like Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. They offer property much cheaper than Moscow and other prime locations for real estate in Russia. Other budget-friendly areas include Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, and Yekaterinburg.

What is better to buy in Russia: a house or an apartment?

When considering buying property in Russia, one must weigh the advantages of a house versus an apartment. If you're looking for a perfect property with city views, an apartment might be your best bet, as they're often located in prime locations near cultural and business centers, such as the bustling heart of Moscow or the cultural capital, Saint Petersburg. However, if you prefer the tranquility of the countryside, a house might be more suitable for you and your family. Russian homes offer a range of properties in development, including dachas and townhouses, which may be more suited to families than apartments.