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French Polynesia

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We welcome you to explore endless opportunities in our exceptional collection of properties for sale in French Polynesia!

French Polynesia, situated in the South Pacific Ocean, has long been a coveted paradise destination for travelers from around the world. Its breathtaking beaches, quaint villages, and friendly island inhabitants continue to draw in more and more vacationers. This perpetually sunny archipelago is an excellent choice for your holiday home. Whether you're fond of lively towns like Tahiti or Bora Bora, small cottages nestled in the almost untouched islands, or luxurious seaside villines in the sun-drenched landscape of Moorea, real estate in French Polynesia is a smorgasbord of fantastic holiday homes.

If you’re eager to buy a property in French Polynesia, you probably have many questions about market trends, popular locations, and the process overall. You can rely on us for assistance!

Where to buy property in French Polynesia?

Let’s discover where to shop for the best real estate in French Polynesia



The largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is a top spot for expatriates and property investors. The island offers a breathtaking mix of contemporary and traditional Polynesian culture. Storied cities like Papeete and Faaa provide stunning beaches, exquisite properties, outstanding eateries, and a dynamic nightlife. Papeete, the capital, is particularly known for its luxurious villas, modern city apartments, and cosy homes, attracting a significant amount of buyers each year.

Bora Bora

Renowned for its crystal blue waters and lush green landscapes, Bora Bora is an excellent location for those looking to invest in French Polynesian properties. Notorious for its world-famous lagoon, the island offers a variety of properties, from bargain waterside cabanas to modern apartments with stunning views. For those on a budget, Bora Bora presents a great opportunity to acquire charming rural houses at a reasonable price.


In the heart of French Polynesia, Moorea is a renowned spot among expatriates. This cosmopolitan island is famous for its rich history, high-end restaurants, lively nightlife, and exceptional properties for sale. Although it's a bit more inland, its beautiful lagoons and palm tree-lined beaches still offer plenty of opportunity for beachfront property.

Raiatea and Taha'a

When looking for real estate in French Polynesia, don't omit Raiatea and Taha'a. These sister islands provide a more laid-back lifestyle, sensational natural beauty, and a favourable climate all year round. Raiatea, known as the sacred island, offers beautiful waterfront properties along its lagoon, while Taha'a, the vanilla island, boasts charming bungalows amidst its plantations. Properties on these islands can be competitive, but there are many affordable and high-end options to suit any budget.


The average price of a property in French Polynesia: Trends overview 

Voici une liste des prix moyens de l'immobilier au mètre carré dans différentes régions du pays selon l'Institut National de la Statistique (INS), Ministère du Transport, Mobilité et Agenda Urbain de la Polynésie Française. Tahiti: €2,500 - €4,000 par m² Bora Bora: €3,500 - €5,500 par m² Moorea: €2,000 - €3,000 par m² Huahine: €1,500 - €2,500 par m² Raiatea: €1,800 - €2,600 par m² Taha'a: €1,200 - €1,700 par m² Rangiroa: €1,000 - €1,500 par m² Fakarava: €800 - €1,200 par m² Nuku Hiva: €1,500 - €2,000 par m² Marquesas Islands: €1,200 - €1,800 par m².

No matter what your needs are, you may find anything that suits you as we offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and sophistication, promising a lifestyle beyond compare. So, discover your dream home and start the journey of homeownership that exceeds every expectation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is buying property in French Polynesia a good investment?

Investing in property in French Polynesia can be a commendable decision for several reasons. Firstly, French Polynesia, as an overseas territory of France, has a stable and reliable legal system, ensuring the protection of property rights for locals and foreigners alike. Secondly, real estate institutional investors can benefit from a steady income from the rental business, largely due to thriving tourism and an increasing population. Thirdly, French Polynesia offers a unique blend of affordable living and high quality of life, making it an enticing investment prospect. Lastly, French Polynesia provides tax incentives that are appealing to foreign investors, bolstered by its administration's efforts to attract overseas investors. Therefore, purchasing property in French Polynesia stands as an excellent investment opportunity.

Which places in French Polynesia have the most properties for sale?

Tahiti and Bora Bora provide an array of housing options and the most number in French Polynesia. If you prefer a more central location, then consider Papeete. The capital market is buzzing with French Polynesian properties for sale.

Can a foreigner buy property in French Polynesia?

Yes, a foreigner can buy property in French Polia, but it is subject to certain restrictions and regulations. For non-EU foreigners, they will require prior authorization from the French Polynesian authorities to buy property. Any property transactions also need to be approved by the Council of Ministers in French Polynesia.

Where are the cheapest areas to buy properties in French Polynesia?

If you want to find real estate in French Polynesia for a surprisingly affordable price, look into regions like Marquesas Islands and Tuamotu Archipelago. They offer property cheaper than Bora Bora and other popular destinations for real estate in French Polynesia. Other economical areas include Tahiti, Moorea, and Rangiroa.

What is better to buy in French Polynesia: a house or an apartment?

When considering buying property in French Polynesia, one must weigh the benefits of a house versus an apartment. If you're seeking the ideal property with ocean views, an apartment might be the best choice, as they're often situated in prime locations near the beach, such as the white sandy shores of Bora Bora. However, if you appreciate the peace of the countryside, a house might be more fitting for you and your family. French Polynesia properties offer a range of homes, including villas and bungalows, which may provide a more suited accommodation for families than apartments.