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Properties in Chile for sale

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We welcome you to explore endless opportunities in our exceptional collection of properties for sale in Chile!

Chile, situated in South America, has become an increasingly popular travel destination for Europeans and Americans in recent years. The breathtaking landscapes, quaint hamlets, and friendly, upbeat locals are attracting more and more foreigners. This eternally enchanting country is an ideal choice for your vacation home. Whether you're a fan of lively cities like Santiago or Valparaiso, modest cabins nestled in the virtually untouched Patagonia region, or luxury beach-front residences in the sun-drenched Valdivia, real estate in Chile is a smorgasbord of excellent holiday homes.

If you’re eager to buy a property in Chile, you probably have many questions about market trends, popular locations, and the process overall. You can rely on us for assistance!

Where to buy property in Chile?

Let’s discover where to shop for the best real estate in Chile


South of Chile: Patagonia

One of the most adored destinations for both nationals and foreigners is the region of Patagonia. Filled with a mix of modern and traditional Chilean culture, it boasts historic cities like Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales that offer stunning natural views, beautiful estates, top-notch restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

The foremost popular spot is Torres del Paine National Park, which attracts you with its pristine nature and majestic mountain views. This famous region offers hot properties in Chile, from luxurious villas and exclusive lake-side houses to affordable city apartments and snug homes.

Central part of the country

This region is known for its lush vineyards, beautiful beaches, world-renowned gastronomy, and vibrant life in Santiago and Valparaiso. Looking for Chilean property for sale with a limited budget? The Central region is where you should go to find bargain properties, charming rural houses, and modern apartments with breathtaking views.

Northern part of Chile: Atacama Desert

In this area, you will find cities such as Antofagasta and Iquique, where there is a diverse expat community. The region is famous for its exciting history, fascinating desert landscapes, and outstanding homes for sale. However, if you can't stay away from the beach, consider the coastal city of La Serena where you can find delightful city properties, beachfront townhouses, and historic properties for sale in Chile.

Chilean Islands

When shopping for real estate in Chile, don't limit yourself to the mainland. The Chiloé and Juan Fernández Islands are perfect destinations for a holiday home. These islands have a laid-back lifestyle and stunning natural beauty. Chiloé offers cozy houses and an amazing fjord-influenced sea, while Juan Fernández islands have infamous volcanic beaches in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The property for sale in Chile on the islands can be competitive, but there are many affordable and high-end options to fit any budget.


The average price of a property in Chile: Trends overview 

Here is a list of average property prices per square metre in different regions of Chile according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas (INE), Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo, and Ministerio de Transportes y Telecomunicaciones. Antofagasta: CLP 1,200,000 - 1,700,000 per sq m Araucanía: CLP 600,000 - 900,000 per sq m Biobío: CLP 800,000 - 1,100,000 per sq m Coquimbo: CLP 900,000 - 1,400,000 per sq m Los Lagos: CLP 1,000,000 - 1,400,000 per sq m Magallanes: CLP 800,000 - 1,200,000 per sq m Maule: CLP 700,000 - 1,000,000 per sq m Metropolitan Region of Santiago: CLP 1,800,000 - 2,600,000 per sq m Valparaíso: CLP 1,200,000 - 1,700,000 per sq m Tarapacá: CLP 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 per sq m.

No matter what your needs are, you may find anything that suits you as we offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and sophistication, promising a lifestyle beyond compare. So, discover your dream home and start the journey of homeownership that exceeds every expectation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is buying property in Chile a good investment?

Buying property in Chile can be a promising investment for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the country has a robust and dependable legal system that safeguards property rights for both locals and foreigners. Secondly, real estate institutional investors can reap regular income from the rental business, thanks to the dynamic tourism sector and a steadily increasing population. Thirdly, Chile is known for its relatively low cost of living, making it a cost-effective destination and an outstanding investment prospect. And finally, the Chilean government's tax incentives for property owners present appealing offers for foreign investors.

Which places in Chile have the most properties for sale?

Valparaíso and Santiago provide a rich diversity of housing and the highest number in the country. If you desire a more central location, then choose Santiago. The capital market is thriving with Chile property for sale.

Can a foreigner buy property in Chile?

Yes, a foreigner can buy property in Chile. There are very few restrictions on foreigners owning property in Chile. However, it's recommended to hire a local attorney to navigate through the purchasing process.

Where are the cheapest areas to buy properties in Chile?

If you are looking for real estate in Chile at surprisingly affordable prices, consider regions like Biobío and Araucanía. These regions provide property cheaper than Santiago and other popular real estate locations in Chile. Other cost-effective areas include Antofagasta, Valparaíso, and Concepción.

What is better to buy in Chile: a house or an apartment?

When considering buying property in Chile, one must weigh the advantages of a house versus an apartment. If you're looking for a stunning property with mountain views, an apartment might be your ideal choice, as they're often located in prime locations near the Andes, such as the popular ski regions of Portillo. However, if you prefer the tranquility of the vineyards, a house might be more appropriate for you and your family. Chilean homes offer a range of properties in development, including haciendas and townhouses, which may be more suited to families than apartments.