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Properties in Portugal for sale

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We welcome you to explore endless opportunities in our exceptional collection of properties for sale in Portugal!

Portugal, also located in Southern Europe, has become a popular destination for summer vacations. With its beautiful beaches, charming towns and friendly locals, more and more tourists are discovering the charm of this country. Portugal boasts a wide variety of holiday homes that can suit anyone’s preferences and budget. Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, the tranquility of the Algarve or the picturesque villages of the Douro Valley, there is something for everyone. The real estate market in Portugal offers a wide range of options, from cozy apartments to luxurious villas with ocean views. Portugal is the perfect place to find your dream holiday home.

If you’re eager to buy a property in Portugal, you probably have many questions about market trends, popular locations, and the process overall. You can rely on us for assistance!

Where to buy property in Portugal?

Let’s discover where to shop for the best real estate in Portugal

South coast: Algarve

One of the most popular regions to buy properties in Portugal is the Algarve, known for its beautiful beaches and coastline. The region offers a mix of traditional and modern Portuguese culture, historic cities, excellent restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. The most popular spot in Algarve is the city of Faro, which offers hot properties in Portugal, including luxurious villas, high-end beachfront houses, and affordable city apartments.

Central region: Lisbon

The capital city of Lisbon and its surrounding areas are highly sought after by foreigners looking for properties in Portugal. The region boasts a rich history, a thriving culinary and nightlife scene, and world-class museums. Lisbon also offers a variety of properties for sale, including charming city apartments, spacious villas, and historic properties.

Northern part of the country: Porto

Porto and its surrounding areas are known for their lush green landscapes, beautiful beaches, world-renowned gastronomy, and vibrant nightlife. If you're looking for a Portugal property for sale with a limited budget, the North is where you should go to find bargain properties, charming rural houses, and modern apartments with stunning views.

Portuguese Islands: Azores and Madeira

When shopping for real estate in Portugal, don't forget to explore the islands. The Azores and Madeira offer a perfect destination for a holiday home, with a laid-back lifestyle, stunning natural beauty, and year-round sunshine. The Azores boast volcanic landscapes, while Madeira is known for its luxury villas and gorgeous coastline.

The average price of a property in Portugal: Trends overview 

According to the Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE), here are the average property prices per square metre in different regions of Portugal. Algarve: €1,500 - €2,500 per sq m Azores: €900 - €1,500 per sq m Lisbon: €2,500 - €4,000 per sq m Madeira: €1,500 - €2,500 per sq m North: €1,000 - €1,800 per sq m Centre: €900 - €1,500 per sq m Alentejo: €900 - €1,500 per sq m

No matter what your needs are, you may find anything that suits you as we offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and sophistication, promising a lifestyle beyond compare. So, discover your dream home and start the journey of homeownership that exceeds every expectation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is buying property in Portugal a good investment?

Buying property in Portugal can also be a wise investment decision for a number of reasons. Firstly, the country has a well-established and dependable legal system that safeguards property rights for both locals and foreigners. Secondly, Portugal is a popular tourist destination, which means that real estate investors can expect a regular income from the rental business. Thirdly, the cost of living in Portugal is relatively low compared to other EU countries, making it a cost-effective place to invest in property. And finally, the government offers various tax incentives to property owners, presenting an attractive opportunity for foreign investors looking to capitalize on the benefits of property ownership in the country.

Which places in Portugal have the most properties for sale?

Lisbon and Porto offer a wide variety of housing and the highest number in the country. If you prefer a more coastal location, then choose Faro. The market for Portugal property for sale is on the rise, especially in the Algarve region.

Can a foreigner buy property in Portugal?

Yes, a foreigner can buy property in Portugal.

Where are the cheapest areas to buy properties in Portugal?

If you're looking for cost-effective real estate in Portugal, you might want to consider Alentejo or Beira Baixa. These regions offer affordable properties and beautiful natural surroundings. Other budget-friendly options include the cities of Braga and Guimarães, which are located in the northern part of the country. Additionally, the Azores and Madeira islands are also great options for those seeking affordable real estate in Portugal.

What is better to buy in Portugal: a house or an apartment?

When considering buying property in Portugal, one must also weigh the advantages of a house versus an apartment. For those looking for a property with views of the Atlantic Ocean, an apartment might be the best option as they are often located in prime locations near the beach, such as the stunning beaches of the Algarve. However, if you prefer the peacefulness of rural living, a house might be more suitable for you and your family. Portugal homes offer a variety of properties in development, including farmhouses and small villas which may be more suited to families than apartments.