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Properties in Thailand for sale

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We welcome you to explore endless opportunities in our exceptional collection of properties for sale in Thailand!

Thailand, situated in Southeast Asia, has steadily become a preferred holiday destination for Europeans, Americans, and other tourists worldwide. The breathtaking beaches, enchanting cities, and friendly locals are attracting an increasing number of international visitors. This tropical paradise is an ideal option for your vacation home. Whether you're a lover of bustling cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, quaint bungalows on the pristine islands, or luxurious beachfront villas in sun-soaked Phuket, real estate in Thailand offers a wide range of exceptional holiday homes.

If you’re eager to buy a property in Thailand, you probably have many questions about market trends, popular locations, and the process overall. You can rely on us for assistance!

Where to buy property in Thailand?

Let’s discover where to shop for the best real estate in Thailand


South Thailand: Phuket

One of the top destinations for expatriates is the region of Phuket, a blend of traditional and modern Thai culture. Historic towns like Patong and Karon offer gorgeous beaches, luxurious estates, superb dining experiences, and lively nightlife. The most sought-after location is Patong Beach, enticing you with more than 300 sunny days a year. The renowned region provides hot properties in Thailand, from sumptuous villas and upmarket beach-front residences to low-cost city apartments and snug homes.

North Thailand: Chiang Mai

This region is famous for its lush green landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, world-known street food culture, and energetic life in Chiang Mai. Are you searching for a Thailand property for sale on a tight budget? The North is where you should go to discover well-priced properties, delightful rural homes, and modern apartments with captivating views.

Central Thailand: Bangkok

In the central area, cities like Bangkok and Sukhothai, you will discover an assorted expat community. The cosmopolitan region is well-known for its rich history, world-class shopping centers, flourishing culinary and nightlife scenes, and remarkable homes for sale. However, if you can’t resist the attraction of the sea, consider the Southern part of Krabi. Here you will find a charming city, beachfront townhouses, and historic properties for sale in Thailand.

Thai Islands: Koh Samui and Phangan

When you are in the market for real estate in Thailand, don’t confine your search to the mainland. The islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are excellent destinations for a holiday home. These islands offer a tropical climate, sunshine throughout the year, a relaxed lifestyle, and striking natural beauty. Koh Samui offers luxury villas and a beautiful emerald sea, while Koh Phangan is famous for its pristine beaches and vibrant full moon parties. The properties for sale in Thailand on these islands can be competitive, but there are numerous affordable and high-end options to suit any budget.


The average price of a property in Thailand: Trends overview 

Here is a list of average property prices per square metre in different regions of Thailand according to the National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Transport and Communication. Bangkok: THB 100,000 - THB 150,000 per sq m Phuket: THB 70,000 - THB 120,000 per sq m Chiang Mai: THB 40,000 - THB 75,000 per sq m Pattaya: THB 60,000 - THB 100,000 per sq m Hua Hin: THB 45,000 - THB 90,000 per sq m Chonburi: THB 35,000 - THB 70,000 per sq m Samut Prakan: THB 30,000 - THB 65,000 per sq m Saraburi: THB 20,000 - THB 50,000 per sq m Nakhon Nayok: THB 15,000 - THB 30,000 per sq m Krabi: THB 35,000 - THB 70,000 per sq m.

No matter what your needs are, you may find anything that suits you as we offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and sophistication, promising a lifestyle beyond compare. So, discover your dream home and start the journey of homeownership that exceeds every expectation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is buying property in Thailand a good investment?

Purchasing property in Thailand can be an advantageous investment for various reasons. Firstly, Thailand's legal system is robust and trustworthy, guaranteeing the security of property rights for both locals and foreign investors. Secondly, property investors can enjoy a steady income from the rental industry owing to Thailand's thriving tourism and steadily rising population. Thirdly, Thailand has one of the lowest costs of living in Southeast Asia, making it an accessible destination and a fantastic investment opportunity. Lastly, the Thai government's tax incentives for property owners present alluring offers for international investors.

Which places in Thailand have the most properties for sale?

Phuket and Chiang Mai offer a diverse range of accommodations and possess the highest number in Thailand. If you prefer a more central location, then choose Bangkok. The capital market is flourishing with Thailand property for sale.

Can a foreigner buy property in Thailand?

Yes, a foreigner can buy property in Thailand, but there are some restrictions. Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand outright, unless it is through a limited company. However, they can own a condominium in their own name as long as at least 51% of the building is owned by Thais. Additionally, a foreigner can hold a 30-year lease on land.

Where are the cheapest areas to buy properties in Thailand?

If you're looking for affordable real estate in Thailand, explore regions such as Chiang Rai and Isaan. They offer property at rates much cheaper than Bangkok and other popular destinations for real estate in Thailand. Other cost-effective areas include Pattaya, Phuket, and Hua Hin.

What is better to buy in Thailand: a house or an apartment?

When contemplating purchasing property in Thailand, one must evaluate the benefits of a house versus a condo. If you're searching for a wonderful property with panoramic sea views, a condo might be your most suitable option, as they're frequently positioned in prime locations near the beach, like the pristine white beaches of Phuket or Pattaya. However, if you enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, a house might be more suitable for you and your family. Thailand offers a variety of properties in development, including villas and townhouses, which may be more appropriate for families than condos.