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Properties for Sale in Javea, Valencia, Spain

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Real estate in Javea

The region of Castille-La Mancha in central Spain never fails to enchant foreign home-buyers and investors with its captivating beauty. If you are in the hunt for a perfect home or an apartment for sale in an idyllic setting with pristine beaches, then Javea should be your top priority. This enchanting town in the province of Valencia, with its incredible coastline and traditional terracotta-roofed villas, is often referred to as "Pueblo Terracota" or "Terracotta Village" for its distinct architecture and breathtaking landscapes. Before you reach out to a local real estate agent, immerse yourself in understanding the real estate market of the area, the types of properties currently available in Javea, and the associated costs of securing a holiday home in such an extraordinary location. Sparkling sea views, charming old towns, and a plethora of leisure activities make Javea an ideal place for property investment in Spain. Whether it's a villa with a private pool, an apartment with a communal garden, or a spacious townhouse, Javea's property market caters to a wide range of lifestyle and budget requirements.

Javea properties: Market trends overview

The property market in Javea, located in the Castille-La Mancha region of Spain, has witnessed a consistent increase in prices, drawing attention from international buyers and investors. The prime interest comes from the Scandinavian countries, the UK, Germany, and the United States. The unique charm of Javea’s location, nestled between the sea and the mountains, attracts those who are looking for a relaxed way of life without missing out on the dynamic entertainment and leisure activities available. The town also offers good connectivity to other vibrant locations in Spain. Javea boasts of a coastal charm, rich local traditions, and a superior quality of life. Over recent years, the local authorities have been focusing more on the progress and rejuvenation of the town, offering a wide range of property choices for both native and international buyers. The assortment of properties available includes modern and efficient townhouses, apartments, luxurious villas with a contemporary twist, traditional Spanish fincas and penthouses. Prospective homeowners will find it easy to find their ideal property in Javea, Spain, that fits their budget and lifestyle, making this quaint town one of the most appealing to foreign buyers. The array of properties on offer ensures that Javea maintains its attractiveness as a prime investment location for people from all walks of life.

Average price of a property for sale in Javea

What price tag should you anticipate for Javea properties? Pinning a fixed price is a challenging task due to the diversity of influencing aspects, these include property type, distance to the historic town and seashore, facilities, and individual preferences (upscale characteristics, size, convenience, etc.) Insights from the latest data suggest that the peak listed price for property for sale in Javea was € 2,685 per square meter. The most premium properties are found in the El Tosalet-Montgó area in Javea. On the other hand, properties with the most affordable average price per square meter, of around €1,999, can be found in the Arenal-Balcón al Mar region. The median price for a home currently in Javea is approximately €570,848.

Types of properties can you find in Javea

In Javea, located in the Castille-La Mancha region of Spain, the real estate market offers an assortment of properties that can suit any requirement. From compact apartments and stunning penthouses to extravagant villas set on the coastline and conventional Spanish fincas, there is a property to fit every lifestyle and preference. The premium properties are often situated within secured residential compounds, with options including 3-4 bedroom apartments complete with expansive terraces and double-storey homes, with each floor having both a grand terrace and a private kitchen. Alternatively, you may choose to invest in a brand new villa nestled in a prime location in Javea, offering breath-taking views of the sea, being within a short stroll to the beach, and offering a perfectly serene living environment.