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Unlock the Beauty of Capiz: Find Your Perfect Property Now!

Experience the magic of Capiz, Philippines, through our impressive selection of properties for sale. Dive into the captivating allure of this undeniably delightful province as you navigate through our wide array of properties ready for your acquisition. The Philippines is undeniably a leading destination in Southeast Asia for owning a vacation home. Breath-taking natural sceneries, mouth-watering cuisine, vibrant culture, and, most importantly, friendly and enthusiastic locals! For those yearning a respite from urban Philippine life and savoring a taste of authentic Philippino spirit, there's a myriad of properties for sale in Capiz. The Visayan island region of the Philippines, Capiz, is renowned for its consistent sunshine, mesmerizing panoramic views, pristine beaches along its coastlines, and lively cities like Roxas City. So what real estate for sale in Capiz can you find, how much will it set you back, and what makes this Philippine province so enticing for both locals and foreigners? Continue reading to discover!

Capiz property market: Overview and trends

The Capiz real estate market is currently thriving, especially in the premium sector, drawing in global buyers. Nevertheless, a vast array of Capiz real estate accommodates all budgets and tastes. Buyers have endless options: a modern condominium in a lively city, an enchanting beachfront house, a luxury home with a private pool or garden, and assorted provincial properties. The Capiz real estate market is presently steady and demonstrating consistent growth in recent times. Furthermore, the local property market recovered from the latest financial hardship brought about by the worldwide pandemic due to several reasons. The tourism sector has always been a driving force in the Capiz region, luring tourists and international property-buyers with its rich cultural history, beautiful beaches, favourable weather, and appealing agricultural countryside. Moreover, infrastructure development in Capiz has given an additional lift to the market by enhancing the region's attraction to local and international investors. Capiz offers an appealing lifestyle with dynamic cities, picturesque coastal villages, and scenic rural areas. The region's exceptional cuisine, notable fishing industry, and various leisure activities make it a desirable choice for prospective homebuyers.

The average price of a property in Capiz

The pricing of Capiz real estate for sale varies greatly depending on factors such as location, type of property, amenities, unique features, and other aspects. Areas close to the coastline, like Roxas City, often have higher average property prices in contrast to more rural or inland locations. Similarly, homes and apartments in sought-after areas within cities such as Panitan or Mambusao may carry a steeper price tag, especially in charismatic, historic neighborhoods. In terms of financial outlay, resale villas and homes of a high standard tend to fall between ₱50,000 and ₱60,000 per square meter. Newly constructed property tends to be more costly, with prices starting from around ₱70,000 per sqm. However, if you're buying with a tighter budget in mind, Capiz offers opportunities for property renovation or traditional 'bahay kubo' cottages starting at around ₱2,000,000.

Popular property for sale in Capiz, Philippines

Experience the allure of a beautiful beachfront property in Capiz, Philippines, offering breathtaking views of the Sibuyan Sea. Capiz's advantageous location allows you to bask in year-round sunlight, transforming each month into a holiday season. Revel in the richness of a relaxed coastal lifestyle with immaculate white-sand beaches and radiant villas complete with spacious open-concept designs, private balconies, gardens, or even direct access to the vibrant blue sea. Properties for sale in Capiz, Philippines, are ideal for an opulent seaside holiday home or a valuable investment opportunity.

Where is the best place to buy property in Capiz?

The ideal location for properties for sale in Capiz, Philippines, is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, some areas are highly sought-after for their breathtaking views and renowned local culture. The bustling Roxas City, considered the seafood capital of the Philippines, attracts property buyers with its urban conveniences blended with a small-town appeal. Likewise, the resort town of Pontevedra and the scenic Pilar town, known for its divine island views, are favorites among property hunters. Sapian with its sprawling natural landscapes and Maayon with its refreshing waterfalls and rivers also offer ideal locations for investing in property. Lastly, the tranquil coastal town of Ivisan provides a relaxed lifestyle for those looking to escape the city rush. However, the best place to buy property ultimately depends on the individual’s lifestyle, preferences, and investment goals in the beautiful province of Capiz.