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Mavro Lithari

Properties for Sale in Mavro Lithari, Attiki, Greece

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Real estate in Mavro Lithari

The region of Attiki in Greece is a real estate hub that captivates many international buyers and investors. If you are fantasizing about your ideal home or searching for a flat in a spectacular location with pristine beaches, Mavro Lithari should be your first choice. This graceful village in the East Attiki province, with a coastline that resembles the edge of a mountain and traditional Greek blue and white houses, has been lovingly referred to as the “Azure Village” for its breathtaking architectural beauty and coastal scenery. Before reaching out to a local real estate consultant, learn about the current market scenario in this area, explore what properties in Mavro Lithari are available for purchase, and comprehend the costs of acquiring a vacation home in such an extraordinary location. This seaside commune is not just a significant real estate destination but also a symbol of Greece's unrivaled natural beauty and architectural aesthetic, making it a highly coveted spot for property seekers and investors worldwide. The diversity and quality of properties available at Mavro Lithari, coupled with its unique charm and magnetism, promise a noteworthy investment and a captivating lifestyle for its dwellers.

Mavro Lithari properties: Market trends overview

The real estate market in Mavro Lithari, Attiki, Greece has seen a consistent increase in property values, making it an appealing option for foreign investors and buyers, particularly those hailing from Northern Europe, the UK, Germany, and the United States. Mavro Lithari's enviable coastal position makes it possible to merge a relaxed lifestyle with an exciting and active vacation due to the numerous leisure centers, golf courses, and uncomplicated access to the bustling city of Athens. Mavro Lithari provides a captivating coastal landscape, rich cultural history, and an exceptional quality of life. In the past few years, the local authorities in Mavro Lithari have ramped up investments in the development of the area, offering varied property choices for both local and international home seekers. These include contemporary and practical townhouses, apartments, modern-style villas, traditional Greek stone-built houses, and luxury penthouses. Finding a property for sale in Mavro Lithari, Attiki, Greece, that suits all budget and lifestyle preferences is straightforward, making this picturesque coastal town a magnet for foreign buyers.

Average price of a property for sale in Mavro Lithari

What might be the typical cost for properties in Mavro Lithari? It's tough to provide a definitive answer as the price is influenced by various factors including property type, closeness to key locations such as the historical center and beaches, features and amenities, and personal preferences such as size, luxury elements, and accessibility. Recent data indicates that the highest listed price for properties for sale in Mavro Lithari was €2,960 per square meter. The most costly properties tend to be in the peak beachfront areas of Mavro Lithari. On the other hand, more affordable prices, with an average cost per square meter of €1,784, can be observed in areas slightly away from the core beachfront areas. The current average listing price for a house in Mavro Lithari is around €525,000.

Types of properties can you find in Mavro Lithari

Mavro Lithari, Attiki, Greece, real estate presents an array of property types, including modern apartments, luxurious lofts, high-end seafront estates, and traditional Greek villas. The most desirable properties for sale are situated in private residential complexes. Possibilities include 3-4 bedroom apartments with spacious balconies and dual-level homes. Interestingly, these levels have distinct entrances and each is equipped with large terraces and its own kitchen facilities. There's also the option of a newly constructed villa nestled in a prime location within Mavro Lithari, Attiki, Greece, offering breathtaking sea views, a short stroll to the beach, and presenting an ideal living environment.