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Properties for Sale in Soularavia, Lemesos, Cyprus

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Real estate in Soularavia

The mesmerizing island of Cyprus holds a special charm for foreign home-buyers and investors, and Soularavia, located in the vibrant city of Lemesos, Cyprus, should definitely be among your top considerations while scouting for your dream home or a perfect sale apartment. This delightful neighborhood is nestled within the charismatic city, and it boasts of tantalizing beaches, kissed by the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Soularavia is known for its unique combination of modern architecture, accented with traditional stone houses, giving it a distinct characteristic that sets it apart from other places. Before you reach out to a local real estate agent, it's important to understand the market dynamics in the region, pertinent properties on sale in Soularavia, and the costs associated with owning a holiday home or a real estate investment in this impressive locale. The area is a hub of vibrant activity, coupled with serene spots that offer the tranquility one seeks in a holiday home. The charm of traditional culture interplays seamlessly with modern amenities, making this neighborhood an interesting option for potential investors and homeowners.

Soularavia properties: Market trends overview

The Lemesos property market has seen a consistent surge in real estate prices, making it enticing to overseas investors and property seekers, particularly from Nordics, UK, Germany, and the United States. Soularavia’s superior coastal proximity provides a rare blend of a relaxed lifestyle with an exciting and dynamic vacation atmosphere, thanks to numerous entertainment centres and golf clubs, and easy accessibility to the lively city of Lemesos. Soularavia, in Lemesos, provides a lively coastal environment, a deep-rooted cultural heritage, and a superior quality of life. Over the years, Lemesos authorities have been pouring investments into town development, providing a variety of property alternatives for both local and foreign home seekers. These include contemporary and practical townhouses, apartments, modern villas, traditional farmhouses, and penthouses. With easy property acquisition options in Soularavia, Lemesos, that cater to all financial capacities and lifestyle predilections, the coastal town stands out as one of the most inviting destinations for foreign buyers.

What is the average price of a property for sale in Soularavia

What sort of price should you anticipate for properties in Soularavia, Lemesos, Cyprus? The answer is not definite due to several variables impacting the price, such as the type of property, its closeness to cultural sites and beaches, amenities, and personal preferences such as luxury features, size, accessibility, and so on. Most recent data indicates that the top asking price for properties for sale in Soularavia, Lemesos, was €2,984 per square meter. The most costly properties are typically found in the Soularavia-Mesaoria region. On the other hand, the areas with the most affordable properties, averaging around €2,248 per square meter, are located in the Agia Fyla-Neapolis area. At present, the average asking price for a house in Soularavia is approximately €640,563.


Which neighborhoods in Soularavia have the best transportation options?

As an AI, I don't have real-time data access, but here are some notable areas in Limassol, Cyprus, known for their accessibility and transport links: 1. Limassol City Centre: The city center is a hub for public transportation. Buses are the primary mode of transport and the intercity buses connect Limassol to other cities in Cyprus. The city center also hosts the main Limassol Marina, providing sea access. 2. Tourist Area/ Yermasoyia: This area is well-connected by public transit, making it easy to travel to the city center, other cities, and many attractions. The seafront road also offers a frequent bus service. 3. Limassol Old Port: This area has good connections to public buses, taxis, and it's also close to the marina for sea travel. The old port area is popular among tourists, making it a key locale for transport links. Please check the latest and more detailed information from a local source or travel guide.

What types of properties can you find in Soularavia?

In Soularavia, Lemesos, Cyprus, the real estate market offers a broad assortment of properties, encompassing luxury apartments, opulent penthouses, sprawling beachfront mansions, and charming Cypriot cottages. Prime properties for sale can be found within secure residential complexes. You can discover 3-4 bedroom apartments equipped with extensive balconies and duplex homes boasting dual entrances, each with spacious verandas and their own kitchens. Alternatively, consider a newly constructed mansion situated in an advantageous location in Soularavia, Lemesos, offering stunning sea views, a short stroll to the beach, and an idyllic living environment. The diversity in the types of accommodations available makes Soularavia in Lemesos, Cyprus a preferred choice for those searching for their dream home or lucrative real estate investment.