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Properties for Sale in Kiti, Larnaka, Cyprus

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Real estate in Kiti

The city of Larnaka in Cyprus has always been a magnet for international homebuyers and investors. Kiti, a charming town located in the Larnaka district, could be your ideal location if you're searching for your dream house or an apartment in a splendid setting with golden beaches. This delightful town, known for its coastal beauty and traditional stone houses, has been dubbed the "Stone Village" due to its captivating architecture and landscape. Before contacting a local real estate broker, take some time to understand the market in Kiti, Larnaka. Explore the available properties in the area and the cost of acquiring a vacation home in such a distinct location. Getting familiar with the real estate landscape can greatly improve your prospects of finding a property that fits your budget and lifestyle. Kiti, with its rich history, picturesque scenery, and vibrant community, offers a balanced mix of traditional and modern living that is sure to charm any potential homebuyer or investor.

Kiti properties: Market trends overview

The property market in Kiti, Larnaka, Cyprus has been recording a gradual and constant increase in property prices, making it especially attractive to foreign investors and purchasers from countries like Russia, the UK, China, and Lebanon. Kiti's ideal position along the southern coast of the island offers the best of both worlds, combining a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle with an active and dynamic holiday experience due to a multitude of entertainment centers and golf courses, and its adjacency to the lively town of Larnaka. Kiti is well known for its beautiful coastal surroundings, diverse historical background, and superior quality of life. In recent years, the authorities in Kiti have been putting more resources into the town's growth, opening up diverse real estate choices for both local and international property buyers. Options range from contemporary and functional townhouses, modern and luxurious villas, to conventional village houses and high-end penthouses. Identifying properties and apartments for sale in Kiti, Larnaka, that match any budget and lifestyle preferences is straightforward, making this charming Cypriot town very attractive to foreign buyers.

What is the average price of a property for sale in Kiti

What kind of spending should you envisage for properties in Kiti, Larnaka region, Cyprus? There isn't a definitive answer as the price is determined by several elements such as the type of property, its position relative to vital areas like the historic center and beaches, the facilities it offers, and individual preferences (like luxury elements, size, easy accessibility, and so on). Recent data reveals that the peak asking price for property for sale in Kiti was €2,500 per square meter. The most expensive property you will likely come across is located in the area around the Kiti Heritage site. Conversely, the areas that offer more economical choices, with an average price per square meter of €1,900, can be found in the outskirts of Kiti. The average market price for a house in this beautiful Cypriot town is approximately €550,000 currently.


Which neighborhoods in Kiti have the best transportation options?

As a small town in Cyprus, Kiti in Larnaka does not have specific areas known for their transport links. The information on specific areas with the best transport links within Kiti is not available perhaps due to its small size. Generally, public transportation in Kiti, Larnaka, Cyprus, is served by intercity buses, local buses, and taxis that connect Kiti to other parts of Cyprus, including the Larnaka city center, Limassol, and Nicosia. It is also only a short distance away from the Larnaka International Airport. It's advised for visitors to check the latest and most detailed information locally.

What types of properties can you find in Kiti?

Kiti, Larnaka, Cyprus, real estate provides a variety of property options, ranging from modern apartments, sumptuous rooftop suites, exclusive beachfront homes, and traditional Cypriot village houses. The most desirable property for sale is situated within a secure residential community. There are 3 to 4 bedroom apartments on offer, complete with spacious verandas whilst the 2-story houses each have their own access points, vast verandas, and individual kitchens. Alternatively, you can choose a brand-new villa located in a prime location in Kiti, Larnaka, Cyprus, with unobstructed sea views, a short walk from the beach, and the perfect spot to reside.