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Houses for Sale in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus

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Houses for Sale in Limassol, Cyprus

Let us extend a warm welcome to you in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus! This charming location offers a wonderful living experience, brimming with opportunities for everyone. Even the most discerning homeowner will find their dream abode here! So, if you're prepared, we're ready to introduce you to the comprehensive charm of the Cypriot living experience with our impressive range of homes for sale in Limassol. Our catalogue boasts everything from quaint traditional homes to stylish contemporary dwellings. Limassol provides a plethora of choices to cater to various preferences and goals. Discover your ideal home-buying option in Limassol, Cyprus.

Average price for houses for sale in Limassol

The typical price for properties available for purchase in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus, mirrors its extraordinary blend of cultural richness, scenic beauty, and extensive amenities. The price varies depending on aspects such as location, size, and exclusive characteristics of the property. There are quite affordable housing prices starting from approximately €200,000. And if you desire a luxurious lifestyle in beachfront villas, for instance, the price begins at around €2,000,000. You have the flexibility to select the price bracket that aligns with your financial capabilities.


What is the average size of homes in Limassol?

Real estate properties in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus vary widely in size, aiming to cater to a comprehensive array of preferences. Potential homeowners can anticipate properties spanning from approximately 100 square meters for snug apartments, up to lavish villas boasting expansive terraces exceeding 300 square meters. Such an extensive selection guarantees you will locate the perfect home tailored to your desires. Whether you're in search of a house with a private pool, close proximity to educational institutions, or simply craving a tranquil atmosphere for a serene lifestyle, Limassol has it all and more! Discover your ideal living space in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus, where everything you need is at your fingertips!

How many bedrooms do most houses in Limassol usually have?

In the context of a Limassol property for sale, the bedroom count primarily depends on its magnitude and location. For instance, the majority of properties in regions surrounding educational establishments in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus usually feature between 2 and 4 bedrooms for convenient living. Conversely, the most affluent districts in Limassol often present properties with 4 to 8 bedrooms. This variability in bedroom numbers is indicative of the diverse array of housing options available in the city, catering to different lifestyles and family sizes.

What is the average price per square foot of a house in Limassol, Cyprus?

The average price of homes on the market in Limassol, Lemesos, Cyprus, relies heavily upon their location and distinct features. The offerings in residential properties for sale in this area are diverse, varying from €160 to €420 per square foot typically. However, prices can rise significantly for beachfront or high-end properties, where rates can range anywhere from €220 to a staggering €850 per square foot. This reflects the wide array of housing options available in Limassol, making it an ideal destination for both potential homeowners and investors alike.

Are there tax incentives for first-time homebuyers in Limassol??

Indeed, Limassol, also known locally as Lemesos, in Cyprus does provide tax benefits to encourage first-time homebuyers. This is an excellent chance for those considering long-lasting investment. Such incentives include potential reductions in property transfer taxes for qualified individuals purchasing their very first property.

Are there restrictions on foreign homebuyers obtaining a mortgage in Limassol?

Yes, there are restrictions. Foreign home buyers in Limassol, Cyprus can apply for a mortgage but it would be subject to the bank's terms and conditions. Banks may require a higher down payment, additional paperwork or proof of income, and the loan-to-value ratio could also be lower. It is also important to note that obtaining a mortgage doesn't automatically grant residency or citizenship.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Limassol to buy a house?

Limassol, also known as Lemesos, is widely recognized for its safety and tranquility, making it a desirable place for property investors. The city boasts low crime rates, making the whole city secure. However, areas like Germasogeia, Agios Athanasios, and Pyrgos stand out as the safest and most suggested. These neighborhoods are not only safe but purchasing a property in these areas promises a quick sell, if you ever plan to switch localities.