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Carswell And Associates
Carswell And Associates

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Teamwork. Building upon the strength of individual talents, knowledge, expertise and caring is the basis of true success-- and defines what we do at Ernie Carswell & Associates. I am privileged to lead a team of highly motivated, skilled and collaborative agents and staff who are truly the finest people in the luxury real estate industry or in any other, for that matter. Since launching in the late 90’s, Ernie Carswell & Associates has grown organically to our current team of 19 uncommonly gifted individuals who bring their very best to our discerning and deserving clientele. Our partnerships with Douglas Elliman and Knight Frank provide an elite platform from which my superlative team members can share their special abilities and unique flair with buyers and sellers from across the country and around the world. Please allow me to introduce you to a few of the special people that make Ernie Carswell & Associates a place I am proud to call “ours”.